vivek high school

CBSE Affiliation No. 2630029


Breaking Bread Together Creating a positive relationship between the toddler and food is of vital importance.  As such food preparation and communal eating are a part of the daily routine in the Toddler Community. Food preparation provides a very natural setting for enriching vocabulary, motor development, mathematics, science, culture, creativity and much more. Over time,… Continue reading Toddlers


Culture is the thread that joins humanity together. The Montessori Casa, where a child is from two and a half to six years of age, gives an opportunity to explore the larger world. Culture is accumulated over a period of time and is passed from one generation to another. Therefore, we have a greater responsibility… Continue reading Kindergarten

Lower Elementary

An Ode to Freedom Reiterating the significance of living in a free nation and valuing our freedom, a special assembly was put up by Lower Elementary, in the school auditorium. The children paid a glowing tribute to those who contributed towards breaking the shackles of slavery. They also projected some valuable ideas for building a… Continue reading Lower Elementary

The Infirmary

Safety – First and Always! Vivek High School is committed to facilitate an integrated approach to health and safety of its students. The two infirmaries set up in the junior wing and the senior wing respectively provides access to health services in an integrated, systemic manner at the school level. We combine health education, health… Continue reading The Infirmary


PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM ‘To Teach Is to Learn Twice Over’ Joseph Joubert The Professional Development Program at Vivek High School continues to empower the teachers. Another interactive &dynamic workshop was organized in the school, to further orient the teachers to the Cambridge International approach to teaching and learning, on 28 January 2023, and well-equip them… Continue reading PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM

Parent’s Feedback

TODDLERS FEEDBACK Thank you Pallavi ma’am and Megha ma’am for your extraordinary efforts with all the kids. It was a heart warming experience watching the kids perform today. Also, it was brilliant, watching all the educators under the leadership of Meenu ma’am, identify talent in each child and givean opportunity to every child at the… Continue reading Parent’s Feedback


Quizzes are an exciting event that children of all ages enjoy. In order to strengthen the love of learning and inculcate a spirit of healthy competition, intersection quizzes were organised for all environments in lower elementary. All students participated in the written rounds of the General Knowledge, English Literary and Math Quizzes. Two students from… Continue reading Quizzes

Literary Festival

Vivek High School organised a literary festival in the month of December. Children Children in Lower Elementary Environments participated in story telling sessions and interacted with the authors. Mr. Greystroke’s animated narration and origami session kept the children engrossed and delighted. Vijayalakshmi Nagaraj’s story telling session, supplemented by various attractive puppets held a lot of… Continue reading Literary Festival

Kindergarten Annual Show – Around the World in 80 Minutes

All 425 students between the ages of 2 to 5 plus years in our kindergarten classes enjoyed the exciting voyage on board the VHS Virtousa, over the magnificent waters of the five oceans of the world. It was pure fun for them and a meaningful understanding of the world. ‘Around the World in 80 Minutes’… Continue reading Kindergarten Annual Show – Around the World in 80 Minutes

Assemblies in the Lower Elementary

The children of Lower Elementary had the opportunity to grab the stage and showcase their spoken skills in the class thematic assemblies held in November. Each assembly was interwoven with a prayer, talk, song and dance, all revolving around a particular theme. With the audience that comprised of children of the Upper Elementary, and parents… Continue reading Assemblies in the Lower Elementary