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We inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a
global economy. We teach students how to start businesses that
create jobs​. Teach entrepreneurial values that strengthen
workplaces. Teach skills to generate wealth, and manage it.

​From the JA Company website

The JA school programme was founded in the year 1919 in Springfield, Massachusetts. It is a worldwide programme that reaches 10.6 million students across 117 countries.

The programme is internationally recognized and provides opportunities for young students to visualize, create and manage their own business model with the objective of generating sales and profit. The company so created is managed by the students in a professional manner with all the verticals of a company – manufacturing, marketing, logistics, purchasing, sales and communication.

The advantages to students are immense. They learn to:

  1. Be self starters
  2. Enhance  their latent entrepreneurial skills
  3. Create and operate a real business
  4. Understand the demands, variances and challenges of a business

Students also understand the concept of earning money, enhance communication skills, work in teams, develop their own leadership styles, etc. The programme also connects them with business mentors and role models through regular workshops, and competitions at the national and international level. There has been a heartening response from the students to pilot this year’s JA Company Programme.

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