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CBSE Affiliation No. 2630029

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The purpose of education

is to save young people from the paralyzing
effects of wealth and poverty - Kurt Hahn

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We help students

shape their future and shape their life

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In your disability

is your opportunity - Kurt Hahn

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There is more

in us than we know if we could be made to see; perhaps, for the rest of our lives we will be unwilling to settle for less - Kurt Hahn

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We help students

shape their future and shape their life


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From the principal's desk

At Vivek we believe, “to be truly educated is to have a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us”.
We nurture our children in a vibrant and caring environment, and prepare them to become valued members of the community, respecting traditional values. We adopt contemporary pedagogies and technologies in the classroom to equip students with life long skills to contribute meaningfully to the global community.


The myriad opportunities which are available at school, allow the children to explore their latent talents, celebrate differences, make informed choices and develop an open mind with a spirit of enquiry. We endeavour to create a culture of excellence, develop leadership with a sense of fair play and team spirit. Our students are provided with many opportunities to engage with the community so as to make a positive difference in the world. They are encouraged to be humble in their interactions and sensitive to those around them.

We value our children and help them develop strength of character, generosity of spirit, integrity of thought, word and action. We instill in them confidence to travel on their own exploratory journey and follow their true calling in life.


Mrs. Renu Puri


School Gallery

Launch of JA Company – TOTE.TIQUE (22-23)


Launch of JA Company – The Resin Abode (21-22)

Tilak and Investiture – 2021-22

Tilak and Investiture – 2019-20


Fit India Week: Athletic Meet 2022-23

Toppers – Class XII-Science (21-22)

Karan Singh 96%
Ananya Kamboj 92%
Divroop 92%
Agambir Singh Bhatia 90.6%
Sehaj Gupta 90.6%
Agambir Singh Bhatia 90.6%
Sidhartha Manta90.2%

Toppers – Class XII-Commerce (21-22)


Inaksh Kaur Saran 97.4%
Ananya Saggar 97.2%
Tanisha Bahl 96.6%
Heena Mangi 96.4%
Vansh Gupta 95.8%
Dhruv Gupta 94.4%
Yajur Mahajan 94.2%
Madhav Goel 94%
Arshay Jain 93.4%
Vasu Mittal 92%
Ashish Oberoi 91.8%
Jastej Singh 91.6%
Simar Dewan 91.4%
Catherine Bhangu 90.8%
Mehreen 90.4%
Anannya Julka 90.2%

Toppers – Class XII-Humanities (21-22)


Varleen Kaur 98.4%
Anoushka Malik 98.2%
Harshita Goyal 97.6%
Aleesha Arora 97%
Harsimrat Antal 96.8%
Saadia Sharma 96.2%
Saumya Aggarwal 96.2%
Banpreet Kaur 92%
Angad Singh 96%
Anshika Goel 95.8%
Mehr Minhas 95.4%
Aamodini Arya 95%
Faridjit Singh Shergill 95%
Divam Juneja 94.6%
Anahat Kaur 94.6%
Diraj Dhillon 94.2%
Ekeesha Gill 94.2%
Palak Sharma 94%
Sania Sibal 93.8%
Saumya Kapoor 93.6%
Saumya Agrawal 93.6%
Fateh Singh Sidhu 93.2%
Sonali Nawab 92.8%
Ananya Seshan 92.8%
Thaneesha Vashishta 92.6%
Manraj Singh Sandhu 92%
Ardas 92%
Bharati 92%
Manveet Kaur 91.6%
Ramandeep Kaur 91.2%
Kajal 90.8%
Mitul Kaul 90.4%
Usha 90.2%
Muskan 90%
Abhay Partap Singh Kullar 90%

Toppers – Class X (21-22)