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Without Walls

Without Walls

Without Walls is an exploration and learning about topics that are not taught as a discipline but learnt over a lifetime of experiences. There are no boundaries or limits to knowledge and the programme encompasses diverse subjects ranging from Vocabulary building, General Knowledge and Current events. Out of the box thinking is encouraged to hone analytical abilities. Audio visual slides and short documentaries form an integral part of this programme. Child participation and interaction is encouraged.

Assessments are done on a regular basis based upon 3 factors namely written through tests and verbal through class quizzes and Participation / Interaction levels.

Without Walls aims to bring your child’s general awareness to a level where a child can confidently hold his own and discuss intelligently and assertively on various diverse topics – to be a true global citizen. Above all Without Walls aims to ignite that spark of curiosity which will drive students to forever seek and learn beyond school curriculum and parameters.

There are no boundaries or limits to knowledge. This is an ongoing programme.