vivek high school

CBSE Affiliation No. 2630029

Kindergarten Annual Show – Around the World in 80 Minutes

All 425 students between the ages of 2 to 5 plus years in our kindergarten classes enjoyed the exciting voyage on board the VHS Virtousa, over the magnificent waters of the five oceans of the world. It was pure fun for them and a meaningful understanding of the world. ‘Around the World in 80 Minutes’ proved to be an enlightenment in comprehending the grandeur and the mysteries of the oceans. Holding the audience’s attention, the children very deftly added beautiful songs and foot tapping dances. The dazzling costumes added to the vibrancy of the show. Experiencing all the oceans through the show led by the youngest members of our school, the audience was left speechless. The kindergarten annual presentation was conceived and directed by the Head of Junior Wing, Ms Meenu Sahi. Every kindergarten student had a chance to perform on stage. Every child was an actor on stage and spoke confidently. We have received an overwhelming response of heartfelt appreciation from our parent community.

Toddlers Show

Dance provides an opportunity for toddlers to showcase the remarkable strides they have made to control their gross motor movement and balance. In our Annual Show, our young superstars, representing the shimmering Northern Lights or the colourful corals, rode high on the energy of upbeat music and happy vibes. This energy surrounded them as soon as they stepped on the stage. Kudos to these children who astounded every audience member with their confident and vibrant presence in their very first live performance on stage !