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Our Team

Our Team

EVA Working Committee

The EVA Working Committee shall help in mobilizing the Alumni network of Vivek High School in an organized and strategic fashion.

This Committee will help define key focus areas and provide direction and platforms to the Alumni Community of the school. The Committee shall also be supporting the school to design periodic Alumni Engagement activities.

Among other things, it would be the mandate of the Committee to recognize fellow alumni who are distinguished by their loyalty, professional achievement and community and service. They shall also support the School through initiating scholarships/fundraising campaigns and encouraging other alumni to do the same.

Selection Criteria

The criteria for the Selection of the Committee Members has been as follows:

  1. The Committee should have equal representation of alumni spread across all batches for the sake of inclusiveness and diversity.
  2. The Committee shall have people from as many diverse professional backgrounds as possible.
  3. The Committee members should be able to give in a minimum number of hours as a commitment to the school by virtue of being a member of the Board.
  4. The Committee member should be well connected to fellow Alumni

Applications are opened 6 months prior to the selection of the incoming Committee to the entire Alumni Network. Preferrential Voting takes place among the outgoing Committee based on the application to select the incoming committee.

Composition: The Committee comprises of a Representative from the management, School Principal, Vice Principal, nominated Alumni Patrons and Selected Alumni Members

Meetings: The Committee shall meet at least once every quarter for a meeting and for any need based meetings.

Tenure: The term of the first Board was 5 years from the date of resuming office. The term of the subsequent Committee’s shall be 3 years from the date of resuming office

Please download the pdf file for detailed Information.

EVA Working Committee – 2019-2021

 S.NoName Batch Duties
 1Gurdarshan Singh Nirankari1995President
 2Ankur Aggarwal1999Vice President
 3Dr Harkirat Sethi2000Treasurer
 4Tarun Vir Singh Lehal2003Secretary
 5Saniya Kamra2009Member
 6Nitin Vij2005Member
 7Abhishek Garg2001Member
 8Amarveer Singh2001Member
 9Dr Vikram Bedi2007Member
 10Navneet Kaur Gill2000Member
 11Sangram Singh Sandhu2005Member
 12Tavneet Rekhi2011Member
 13Guneet S Josan1999Member
 14Aman Jaspal2002Member
 15Revant Bogra2015Member
 16Ranjot Singh2007Member

Faculty Sub Committee

The Alumni Office is spearheaded by the faculty subcommittee. This team plays a very important role in steering the office in the right direction.

The valuable suggestions and inputs of the faculty team from time to time have helped the school in reconnecting with its alumni. The faculty feel honored and content because of the splendid achievements of their students, now the proud alumni of the school, in all spheres of life.

Ms. Mandeep Sidhu

Student Team

The STAR (Student Team of Alumni Relations) is a 6 to 8 member student team which help in running the office alongwith the Alumni Coordinators. This team is selected after an application and interview process. The STAR Team works in the office during their thursday and friday activity and then during their free time. They handle various domains of the office like Data, Communication and Engagement Programs.

The STAR Team for 2019 comprises of:

  1. Inaayat Bhatti
  2. Megha Jain
  3. Adyashita Singh
  4. Ashreen Bedi
  5. Devanshi Malhotra