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VHS EVA Alumni Office

EVA Covid Relief Scholarship

The corona pandemic has affected the lives of millions across the nation. While everyone is fighting this virus in their own capacity Many people have lost their jobs or seen their incomes cut due to the coronavirus crisis. Unemployment rates have increased all over. Some experts have warned, it could be years before levels of employment return to those seen before the pandemic

In these unprecedented times, the Ex-Vivekites Association (EVA), has initiated a Covid Assistance Scholarship to aid the individuals and their families that have been worst affected by this crisis. This scholarship will benefit the current students, employees and their wards of Vivek High School that seek financial and medical assistance in battling this pandemic.

Service to Humanity is the most noble service of all. This pandemic has re-instated this belief even stronger in our minds. We urge all our Alumni to come forward and contribute towards this scholarship. A small effort from your end, will go a long way in making a difference.

You can contribute by:

  • Click HERE (Link to be active soon)
  • The EVA Alumni App (Link to be active soon)
  • School Accounts Office

Do your bit and Be A GoodWill Ambassador for EVA !

For queries, write to us at

EVA Registration and Alumni Office

The Alumni Office is pleased to inform you of the Re-Launch of the EVA Membership. You can now start enrolling yourself as EVA Members and receive your EVA ID Cards.

You can become an EVA Member by paying a lifetime Membership fee of Rs.1000, in any of the following ways:
– School Accounts office between 2:30pm to 4:00pm
– Cheque or draft on the name of Vivek High School EVA A/C to be sent to the school
– Online – Click Here

If at any point of time you had payed for the EVA Membership, kindly write to us with details of when and to whom you paid at and we shall get back to you.

VHS Alumni Office

Vision Statement:

“ To create a dynamic alumni community, driven by the school’s philosophy of Knowledge and Integrity, directed towards supporting the social and intellectual needs of all present and future alumni of Vivek High School”

Mission Statement:

1. To keep Alumni Conversant with the programs and activities of the school.

2. To develop Alumni Engagement programs that foster fellowship among alumni and encourage the physical, moral, and spiritual growth of the school.

3. To highlight the achievements of its alumni, establish a lifelong relationship with them and promote constructive interaction among alumni.

4. To provide alumni with various platforms to serve Vivek High, its faculty, and its students.

5. To identify and recognize alumni volunteers who undertake activities of charitable nature that result in value addition for the economic and social cause of the nation.

Dear Alumnus,

Vivek High School celebrates 30 Glorious Years in 2014. We’re at a remarkable juncture for the School. Not only are we proud of where we are headed but also grateful to everyone who was a part of our journey over the past 30 Years.

As we clock 30 years, Vivek has taken the onus of setting up a full-time Alumni Office in School. The role of the office will be to:

  1. Keep a track of all Alumni of the school and keep them connected with the school and each other.
  2. Keep Alumni updated about the activities of the school and the developments within the Alumni network.
  3. Create meaningful engagement among Vivekites, Alumni and Teachers through various events, platforms and programs.


Vivek High appreciates the efforts and hard work of the Ex-Vivekites Association in mobilizing the Alumni community in an unconditional manner. The School is grateful to all the Alumni Volunteers for showing the unconditional support and commitment towards the School and fellow Alumni.

Vivek High, now invites EVA to work with the Alumni office in mobilizing the Alumni movement.

In order to organize the efforts of the School towards its Alumni, from here onwards, an Alumni Board will supervise the Alumni Office. This Alumni Board will help us define the key focus areas of the Alumni Office and provide direction and platforms to the Alumni Community of the school.

Role of the Office

The Alumni office shall be maintaining all official Alumni Data and communicating latest news, upcoming events and other relevant information with the Alumni network.

The office shall also be organizing Alumni Engagement Activities such as Batch Reunions, Mentorship Programs, Alumni Talks, Alumni networking forums on a periodic basis.

All EVA Membership from now onwards will be taken care of by the Alumni Office. All Alumni Volunteers are invited to participate and steer Alumni activities.

The office bearers will be the Alumni Board and the Alumni Office Staff at VHS. The current president of EVA automatically becomes a part of the Alumni Board.

For further queries/questions, kindly download the FAQ document from the right navigation bar or write to us