vivek high school

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Sports Day

The Toddlers and Kindergarten Sports Day

The Toddlers and Kindergarten Sports Day was held on the 16th of March.

Approximately 430 children from 18 environments geared up for the March Past, Drill, Flat and Skill races. These races took place on the school sports field.

The Principal, Ms Renu Puri declared the meet open.

As the enthusiastic parents and grandparents watched the little ones perform, emphasis was given on participation by all and sportsmanship. The importance of regular exercise and physical fitness was highlighted, as opposedto winning. The little ones showed excitement on the field, and coordinated their steps remarkably, while marching.

Later, the Principal, accompanied by the Head of the JW, Ms Meenu Sahi, handed out incentives in the form of refreshments to the children, on this joyous occasion.

Lower Elementary Sports Day

The 17th of March was witness to a spectacular Sports Day of the Lower Elementary classes.

Approximately 480 children participated in the March Past. Dressed in their yellow track suits, the immaculately turned-out children matched foot with foot as they marched to a rhythmic beat.

As The Head of the Junior Wing, Ms Meenu Sahi unfurled the school Sports Flag, and declared the Sports meet open, the children stood at attention and rendered the School Song. Parents and grandparents watched the amazing opening ceremony in awe and admiration.

The march past was followed by some fantastically synchronized drills, namely the Flexible Fitness by class 1, the Umbrella drill by class 2, and the Glove Drill by class 3.

These were followed by a series of exciting flat and intersection relay races that left the spectators biting their nails in excitement and anticipation.

Students competed for gold, silver and bronze medals. Ms Meenu Sahi gave out medals to the winners of the races, amidst loud ovations and applause.

Trophies were also given to the best marching contingents.

Medals were also awarded to the winners of the Fun Run held earlier in the month.

The weather gods blessed us with a cool, breezy morning that day and the temperature remained pleasant throughout.