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Sporting Facilities

Sporting Facilities

“An athlete gains so much knowledge by just participating in a sport. Focus, discipline, hard work, and of course, the thrill of finally achieving your goals. These are all lessons in life.” – Kristine Yamaguchi

 Sports are an important part of everyone’s life. From a very early age, play on the field allows the development of motor skills and social interaction with peers. As the child grows up, formalised play in different sports inculcates life skills like teamwork, sense of fair play, integrity, respect and discipline. The benefits of an active lifestyle with regard to physical health and mental wellbeing are well documented. At Vivek High School, we believe that the holistic development of a child includes an active school environment as sports allows for the removal of fatigue and anxiety.

Morning Sports clubs are held every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the week, and provide ample opportunities for every student to have a balance in his / her academic years at school. The Morning Sports clubs include, Cricket, Basketball, Chess, Yoga, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball, Football, Athletics, Badminton and Futsal.

The Vivek High School teams are well recognised in the tri – city region and many of our students also represent the UT in the State level tournaments.In keeping with the philosophy at VHS, individual sports are also encouraged. We have had the privilege of supporting alumni like Aadil Bedi who represented India in the 2018 Asian Games, and Ganemat Sekhon, who won India a medal in the Women’s Skeet event of ISSF Shooting in 2021.

  Kristine Tsuya Yamaguchi is a former American figure skater. In ladies’ singles, she is the 1992 Olympic champion, a two-time World champion, and the 1992 U.S. champion. In 1992, she became the first Asian American woman to win a gold medal in a Winter Olympic competition