vivek high school

CBSE Affiliation No. 2630029




Jagriti was founded to give all special children a right to learn, thrive and achieve in a warm and welcoming environment. We recognize that each child has individual needs, abilities and strength so that we provide a safe and stimulative multi learning in which our happy children are nurtured into independent young people who can contribute to the society.


  • Wheel Chair
  • Provision for Lift
  • Stair Lift
  • Rest Room
  • Scribe for Examinations
  • All CBSE concessions

Our Curriculum
We create individualized learning program for each child according to his or her cognitive abilities, it helps children to identify their special skills. It comprises academic studies, gross motor and fine motor activities, communication skills and social skills.. Appropriate educational , instructional and environmental adjustments are made to support each child.

Learning program

  • Academic Studies(as per their cognitive abilities)
  • Activities of daily living
  • Functional skills
  • Non-flaming cooking activities
  • Inclusive Education
  • Field Trips/ Excursions

Enrollment process

  • Step 1: Apply online or through Mail.
  • Step 2: Interview with parents.
  • Step 3: Child Observation
  • Step 4: provisional Admission.