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CBSE Affiliation No. 2630029

Trinity College London Examinations

Trinity College London, Examinations and Certification

At Vivek, we work diligently to promote a community of 21st century learners. An element towards achieving this goal, is our effort to embed into the curriculum a global outlook, to be achieved through collaboration, communication, creative and critical thinking. We recognize the importance of Internationalism and  the TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON EXAMINATIONS & CERTIFICATION are embedded in our curriculum. 

Trinity College London needs no introduction as it has remained a leading International Examinations Board since 1877, with establishments in 60 countries. At present, Trinity College London assesses more than 35000 candidates across India and the network is growing fast. With a rich heritage of academic rigour and a positive, supportive approach to assessment, Trinity College London provides recognised and respected qualifications in a unique spectrum of communicative skills —at all levels. At Vivek High we offer four of these examinations:

1. Speech & Drama

2. Communication Skills

3. Performance Arts

4. Plays in Production 

Every year we have enthusiastic learners ages 6 to 18 years marking  their achievement at each stage of their development and at all levels of competence. The exams focus on assessing skills and how effectively the candidates can apply what they have learnt, not just on knowledge for its own sake.