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Oct 3, 2015

The Journey begins…..

Passports check, cell phone check, wallet check, tickets check! All in! Four a.m at the ISBT , Chandigarh to catch the Volvo bus to IGI Airport in New Delhi.A bunch of super excited teenagers with their teacher coordinators were on their way to Seeheim -Jugenheim Germany.After the check in , we had a couple of hours to click pictures and eat. Everyone really felt the excitement , when the plane took off and it finally sunk in that what had been initiated six months ago in April was now going to become a reality.

The reception at the airport by our exchanges and their parents , was warm and overwhelming .It was heartening and we felt very special when we saw the welcome banners and welcoming smiles . We were all then whisked away to the place, which will be our home, for the next two weeks. We are looking forward to the next day, which will be our first visit to the school. Incidently ,today the 3rd of October is a national holiday in Germany as it is the silver jubilee of the Reunification of Germany. A wonderful day to start our Project indeed!

Bani Kohli with Gurbaaz Maken