vivek high school

CBSE Affiliation No. 2630029



Oct 4, 2015

KENNENLERNEN (Getting to know each other)

After a leisurely Sunday morning, where many of the students explored Darmstadt , went rock climbing, cycling and spent time with their exchanges and host families , it was time for the entire group to meet in the Shuldorf Bergstrasse school for the first time on Sunday evening.

On the onset the German group and the Indian group met separately for 10 minutes to discuss and iron out any problems that might have arisen. Thankfully there were none and the entire group seemed to be happy with their exchanges and were very excited too.The teachers and students introduced each other .Thereafter followed a host of ice – breaking activities like saying hello to each other in different ways and filling the bucket with water in pairs with one leg tied to the partners.

The activities were fun filled and quite successfully broke the ice between the exchange partners. To sensitize the students about situations which could possibly lead to misunderstandings, they were given a list of situations which were real life experiences of the previous years exchanges. The students were then asked to discuss solutions to the problems and how to resolve the conflicts which may arise. This activity helped the students realize the importance of being patient with each other and the importance of clear and direct communication which is so important to have a successful exchange. Aastha Chum with Pranshu Bhatia