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‘Reading in an online world’

A session on ‘Reading in an online world’ was organised on the initiative of Lavanya Puri , Class 9 , supported by her school counsellor Ms Adiri Attri on 24 February,2022.  It was conducted by the founders of the Curious Owl Newspaper which is also subscribed to by the school. It is India’s first weekly current affairs newspaper for children.

About 50 students of grades 5 and 6 participated with a lot of enthusiasm, some along with their parents.

After, Ms. Aditi, introduced the speakers, Ms. Timblo & Ms. Gadre got the students energized with an ice breaker, talked about how reading helps us in a variety of ways and touched upon how reading is a great alternative to online games. They also shared about how parental controls for online applications and games can be a great way to reduce screen time for children. 

The session was concluded by some Q & A between the speakers and Lavanya Puri, who has been associated with them for a few years and recognised the need for this session.  ‘On Two Feet and Wings’ by Abbas Kazerooni (suitable for 11+) and ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ by Amor Towles were highly recommended by the speakers when someone asked what they read recently. It was a fruitful and engaging session as the topic was relevant to them and was enjoyed equally by the students and the speakers.