vivek high school

CBSE Affiliation No. 2630029

MUN 2021, Strawberry Fields High School, Chandigarh 

Six students of  Vivek High School participated in the eighth edition of SFHS MUN 2021 from 23 – 25 July 2021. All the students were well researched and debated well in all committee sessions. They had an immense learning experience throughout the conference. 

The participants, namely,  Vansh Rana (Grade 9)) represented Nicaragua and Rudra Maria (Grade 11) represented Honduras in the UNGA- DISEC. The UNGA-DISEC committee dealt with the agenda of Militarizing the Indo- Pacific region.

Harman Singh Swani (Grade 11) represented Shri G. Kishan Reddy and Jaanvi Chaudhary (Grade 10) represented Sanjiv Puri (The Chairman and Managing Director of ITC) in the Citizen’s Dialogue of India. The committee deliberated solutions to tackle the 2nd wave of the Coronavirus pandemic and analysed the government’s  response to the same.

Serena Gujral (Grade 10) represented Kuwait in the Commission on Crime prevention and Criminal Justice which dealt with the issue of Rising Privatization of the criminal system.

Suvinay Goyal (Grade 12) bagged the High Commendation award in the Committee X which simulated the CIA but had its inner working classified.