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Pasch Student Experience

Student Experience


Fifty eight different people, from ten different countries, all of us away from home…but together at Dassel, Germany we felt at home. We were not friends, we were not buddies, not even mates, but we became a FAMILY. Every single thing we did was so much fun. I learnt German with new classmates and teachers, participated in games like UNO and kicker (table football), sports like football, beach volleyball, basketball, table tennis, badminton etc. and activities like forest walk, bonfire, mini golf, swimming, dancing, disc golf, horse riding, grilling, karaoke, canoeing, dyeing t-shits, mask making, cooking and most importantly shopping were amazing. The supermarket, REWE also played a crucial role in these 3 weeks. All our candies, chocolates, ice-cream and all the finger licking stuff we ate still waters my mouth. We also visited beautiful cities like Göttingen, Einbeck, Hameln, Hannover, Paderborn and also our small and beautiful town Dassel. The history of these cities was interesting and the historical buildings were an eye-catching attraction. We also went for a 30 km cycle tour to the cycle museum in a nearby town; it was exhausting yet a fun-filled and exciting experience. We visited the City Hall (Rathaus) and met the mayor of Dassel. We also visited a Solar Research Center where we were surprised to see how creatively they made the most out of the solar energy. The Disco partys, the the Casino night and the Beach Flirt Party were awesome. Apart from the German language I also learnt a bit of Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Bosnian and Italian from my friends back there. I can never forget these people; they will always remain in my heart.

This was truly an enriching experience where learning the language was not the only motive but it was so much more than that.

I have become more independent, bold and confident. I have learnt how to conduct myself in a better way. I look forward to such programmes and want to continue learning German.

It was indeed an experience which will always be etched in my memories for years to come. Twenty days passed like twenty seconds but I learnt of great things by little experiences.

Now, the only purpose of my life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly fearlessly for newer and richer experience.



I spent the best three weeks of my life, from 30. June 2013, till 20. July 2013 in Dassel, Germany. On the first day of the camp, while I was still acclimatising to the new surroundings, I could never have imagined that even on the very next day, I would discover that I could speak rather good German, I would find that I shared a camp with 58 of the smartest people from all over the planet, I would discover that I had hidden talents at playing UNO and Table-Football and that in little over 36 hours, the thought of coming back home would seem absurd. The supermarket, REWE steadily became an integral part of our days, and Gummy-bears, skittles or anything called candy in general came back with us. The cleverly themed parties, the fun-filled classes, Karaoke nights with the most terrible singers on earth, shopping trips to the big cities and my music project kept us acquainted and out of time for the next three weeks, which passed by in a blur. When it was time for me to host the Abschlussabend, I could not find a single fibre in me which would acknowledge the fact that my home for the last 3 weeks was after all temporary. And as all good things come to end, so did my awesome 3 weeks in Dassel. After many many tears and beautiful goodbyes, I came back home, with experiences and friendships that will last a lifetime, and I discovered, early in life like most people don’t, that I am a terrible singer.


St. Peter Ording, Germany

“You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discoveris yourself.”

Alan Alda

And I got the opportunity to discover myself through the PASCH programme from 6May 2012 to 26 May 2012. Not only did I get a chance to learn German but also widen my horizon. I visited and adored the silence and beauty of Germany. We visited Hamburg, Flensburg and Tonnig. We visited the museums, the church, the market area, the Westkustin Park, the beach, Sheep farm and Cheese factory and had fun filled activities like slackline, candle making and stone carving. We met the politician Martina Koffer and saw the Parliament House.

The Germans were more than happy and willing to learn hindi, know more about Indian culture, traditional Indian dance forms, wear bindis, put hena (mehandi) and taste spicy Indian food.

My class and our teacher Ariane Born were incredible. The class was filled with fun and activities and was enriching. Studying German was more of fun and enjoyment.

Long lasting bonds with friends and the people in Germany have developed. Now I have become more independent ,bold and confident. I look forward to such programmes and want to continue learning German.

“I am no longer afraid of becoming lost, because the journey back always reveals something new, and that is ultimately good for the artist.�?

Niharika Dadoo Class X C

Great Food, great people, a warm welcome great football, cycling in the country side, visit to the Mercedes Benz Museum, and Stuttgart , forging new friendships and being taught German by some amazingly creative teachers!

Yes, this was my amazing experience of the International Jugendkurs at Schwaebisch Hall, Germany in May 2009. It is indeed something which will always be etched in my memories for years to come.

Thank you Vivek High School and the Goethe Zentrum , Chandigarh.



Guten Tag!

The Pasch program is a program organized by the German government to encourage the German language among youth.

I got the golden opportunity to attend the three week, International PASCH Youth camp at St. Peters Ording in Germany from 6th May to the 26th May. The program included training sessions and participating in new life experiences and activities.

It was a truly amazing program which has given me great exposure. It has truly proved to be fruitful and useful because now at least I am able to take decisions on my own on what is right and what is wrong. It has also inculcated confidence in me, the sense of communicating and made me realize my inner potential.

Not only did I learn how to conduct myself in a better way but also got a sense of self realization and the opportunity of learning a new language ( German)in a better way.

I had great fun on this trip and have known the world in a better way and made many lifetime friends.

At the end I would just say that this was truly an enriching experience where learning the language was not the only motive but it was so much more that cannot be described in words……………..


Twenty one days in Butzbach Germany in May 2011, were like heaven on earth. Students from all over the world gathered at one place, interacting with each other and having fun were the most amazing days of my life. Not only did we have fun, but also studied the German language with students of different cultures as well. German, I discovered was a very beautiful language and something I enjoyed learning a lot as well. Eating German food, visiting the cities of Frankfurt and Heidelberg was great fun.

This experience that I had of germany and its people will never be erased from my memory.

Sanya Gupta 11-B