vivek high school

CBSE Affiliation No. 2630029


On 18 October 2017, the JA Student Company, ‘IGNEO’S’ which in Portuguese means IGNITE, launched ‘Blazing Wheels’, a spicy and delicious product inspired from garlic bread. The non-food product for the company is ‘IGNO Sticks’ – stickers on writing instruments. This product is inspired by handmade bookmarks. The company’s tagline is – “It’s Blazing, It’s Amazing”. This tagline highlights the energy, enthusiasm, zeal and confidence of the student members to create a company dedicated to performance and learning, based on strong corporate culture and values. The organizational structure consists of production, finance, marketing and sales, information and creativity and Human Resource departments. The company has five members in its Board of Directors. The company in total comprises of 15 student members.

The guest of honour of this special morning was Mr. Venkat Matoory, CEO, JA India. He leads and directs the strategy for JA Worldwide’s India Enterprise. He guided the students and encouraged them to explore their potential to the maximum. He also emphasized on the importance of every single person’s contribution in shaping  an organization. he added that education in isolation cannot serve this purpose, it must be integrated with practical and hands on experience.