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20th JA Award Ceremony – Zaza’s Freaky Fries and Lemonzy

Zaza’s Freaky Fries and Lemonzy – JA Student Company Award Ceremony

The Zaza’s Freaky Fries and Lemonzy was started as a company at Vivek High School, Chandigarh in the year 2016-17. The 20th JA award ceremony was conducted on 18 December 2017. The school was privileged to have Mr. Venkat Matoory, CEO of JA Company, India. He presented the certificates and momentos to the members of Zaza’s freaky fries and lemonzy. The company members were also given a token of appreciation by the present JA Student Company IGNEO’s. Mr. Vekat Matoory shared his experience and ideas about the company programme and also talked about the business ethics, teamwork skills and the spirit of service in the business world. He congratulated the school for maintaining the legacy of JA Student Company and hoped to continue the relations in the near future. The CEO of JA Company 2016-17, Avneet Sandhu shared her experiences and her journey and talked about the difficulties that the company faced. The principal Mrs. Renu Puri lauded the Zaza’s company members and gave her best wishes for their future endeavours. Through a self composed poem, the teacher encouraged the students to be united and put in their maximum effort to scale the heights of success.