vivek high school

CBSE Affiliation No. 2630029


October 8,2014

It all started as usual , coming to school, sitting together and discussing what we did the previous day with our exchanges.

Like everyday we had a meeting with the teacher for 10 minutes, making sure everything was fine and working smoothly. After the meeting got over everyone went to their allotted clubs. It was the second day of our clubs being allotted to us, each group started with the main project work and discussed about everyone’s different perceptions they had about partition.

(As our main topic is partition) Everyone participated enthusiastically and gave in their ideas. They wrote them down and compiled them together and came up with one idea. The painters started their painting and the sculptors started with their base idea. The dramatists carried out doing small plays and showcasing their acting skills and putting it all together, trying different emotions.

It was overall an interesting and a day full of enthusiasm. The day ended on a good note, on the other hand the countdown of coming back has started.

Tanveen Singh