vivek high school

CBSE Affiliation No. 2630029


6 Oct. 2014

Berlin woke up to cloudy weather but we brought sunshine to it with our big ,bright,smiles! Quickly after having a buffet breakfast at the Industrie Palast youth hostel, the German and Indian groups parted. The Indian group went to the ‘Frei Universität’ by tram and got to know about the university, the study options there, admission procedures followed by a tour of the campus. The German counterparts went to the Bundestag by tram and had a presentation there on the functioning of politics on Berlin and had a talk with Mrs Brigitte Zypries, the Federal Minister of Justice, Germany. She told us something about her job. It was very informative for both the groups. Then, the Indians also ran (literally ran) to the Bundestag. Both had a savory lunch in a beautiful government restatement called Reichstag. Then the Indians had a tour of the parliament, like the one Germans had earlier and the Germans went to a supermarket! The Parliament tour was very interesting with the audio guides! And the day ended with an eight hour journey back home which didn’t seem long! Wecan sum it up by calling it the most enlightening day in Germany!