vivek high school

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Waste Is A Misplaced Resource And Un-recognised Wealth

One of the steps towards making our environment clean is by segregating waste that is separating wet waste from the dry waste. If waste is not separated or segregated properly, it all gets mixed up in landfills.


For segregation of waste, there are blue and green bins at school which are for dry and wet waste respectively. Wet waste includes vegetable, fruit peels, leftover food, eggshells, bread and bakery material, rotten vegetables, fallen leaves etc. and must be put in the green bin. Dry waste includes plastic, paper, metal, rubber, thermocol, aluminium foil etc. and should be put in blue bin.


The students of Eco Club working in tandem with the motto ‘Commitment to Sustainability’ have taken the initiative to make students aware of the importance of waste segregation and how it is done by giving presentations during the assembly and showing the ppt on the display screens.


Vivek High School has installed an automatic compost machine that turns wet waste to manure. It takes 24 hrs to convert the organic waste to compost. Students of Eco Club undertake the activity to segregate waste and put wet waste in the composting machine for the process to carry out for a day. The manure thus obtained is used as a fertilizer in the school premises.


We can make a difference together by keeping our surroundings clean and our environment sustainable by practicing correct waste management practices.