vivek high school

CBSE Affiliation No. 2630029

VHS EVA Alumni Office

As Vivek High School completes 30 years this year, it has taken the onus of setting up a full-time Alumni Office in School. This office is a fully functional office at school to serve the large Alumni Community of Vivek High. The role of the office will be to keep a track of all the Alumni of the school, keep them updated about the activities of the school and create meaningful engagement among Vivekites, Alumni and Teachers through various events, platforms and programs. This office is run by a 15 member STAR (Student Team for Alumni Relations) and spearheaded by a faculty sub-committee. One of the first projects that the Office has launched is the ‘Database Project’ through which the office aims to gather updated data about its Alumni. The alumni network has been very responsive and the office has already received more than 100 registrations. The office is grateful to the Alumni Community for their help and support. In the coming week an Alumni Newsletter will be sent out to the registered Alumni.