vivek high school

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Themes for writing poetry are – Nature, Celebration, Adventure, Any Tenet of Discovery Framework, Growing up and Online Classes Age Range- Grades 6-8 KC Public School hosted ‘World Poetry Day’ on 21 March 2022, celebrating one of humanity’s most treasured cultural and linguistic expression and identity forms. Three students from Vivek High School participated in this Project showcasing their ability to capture the creative spirit of the human mind. The VHS delegates were:
  1. Saba Singh – 9
  2. Anvi Gupta- 9
  3. Tashveen Sirphikhi- 8

I was born beautiful

Instilled in me a scarless face

Petals, patterns, poise

Everything I needed to play the game

But instilled in me I had not

A scarless heart, I need not tame

That troubled soul of mine though

Masked throughout by my pretty being

And so I played the part I was given

I posed as a perfect face

It was all those others saw me for

Without it, I was just a dame

Always there had been a void to fill

A bigger lie I told myself

That I was what they had made

Not what I could have been

That I was just as pure inside

As righteous as the shell I existed in

No anger, hate or revenge held I

I didn’t believe myself to feel any of it

Just because I did not believe

Didn’t mean it wasn’t there

And wither I did as the seasons changed

Clammed in my pretence to my last breath

Description: The poem ‘Captive Beauty’ signifies the emotions of a flower that has always been recognized as the thriving image of beauty and dainty, picture-perfect love. Lest the flower is a person, if it had a mind of its own, would it agree with all we believe? Or just like us humans, is there more than what meets the eye?

By- Saba Singh

Learning in 2020
The never-ending time is robust,
just like the wind blowing away the dust.
Providing you one such instance,
is us students’ learning at home from distance.
An online version was introduced in a new term.
The school’s decision was firm.
On the WhatsApp group, we all confirm.
Worries about the new normal made us squirm.
Parents bought new devices,
The Wi-Fi network was in crisis.
For logging in, we took all types of  advices
And the uniform was worn in slices.
The microphone wouldn’t work, and the connection was bad.
We were acting like mad.
The internet was down, and we all blamed dad.
But somewhere from inside, we were all glad.
Backgrounds were selected with great care,
hoping that they were rare.
Wishing that the teacher would not be there,
the class started with a prayer.
We were delighted to play our favourite online game.
We decide to have fun as our main aim,
while the teacher called out our name
“Ma’am your voice is cracking!”, we exclaim!
There was no soul on the street.
In exams, everyone tried to cheat,
but still felt that something was incomplete.
Hoping in person we all meet.
 By –Tashveen Sirphikhi


   By- Ajuni  Kaur Khatri