vivek high school

CBSE Affiliation No. 2630029

MUN Club brings Laurels to School

Challenging the different dimensions of the learning, the MUN Club brought laurels in 2013. The school delegation won the Best Delegation award at Indian International Model United Nations Chapter Dharamshala 2013.The following delegates were honoured with awards —

1. Sahej Waraich – Best Delegate in HRC Committee

2. Mudit Manocha – Best Delegate in CTA Committee

3. Aastha Ahuja – High Commendation in HRC Committee

4. Shamshir Malik – High Commendation in CTA Committee

5. Rupangi Grover – High Commendation in Security Council

6. Shamshir Dhanoa – Special mention in Security Council Sahej Kaur chaired the HRC Committee as Vice Chair