vivek high school

CBSE Affiliation No. 2630029


Students of grades 5 to 10 came together this year to present the magical story of Harry Potter through the art of dance. Written by JK Rowling and spanning seven volumes, the books tell us of Harry Potter being summoned from his dreary, often bullied life to becoming a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, a boarding school for wizards. Choreographed by Ms Poonam Sharma, Mr Harsh Sengar and Mr Vishal Kohli, the students dance through the years and incidents that Harry encounters at Hogwarts. The dance sequences made everyone revisit the magic, mystery and some mischief by Harry – joining his new boarding school, encountering the Sorting Hat, learning to fly on his broomstick, making friends with Dobby the House Elf, casting spells with his Magic Wand and overcoming dangerous obstacles to defeat the Dark wizard Lord Voldemort.

It was just magic and fun!