vivek high school

CBSE Affiliation No. 2630029


Monday 29.09

The day started at 8:45 am with writing down one funny incident that happened with each one of us on the previous day. Then we proceeded for a formal introduction by the principal of Alice-Eleonoren-Schule, Schuldorf Bergstraße ,Germany.The Indian students introduced themselves to the students of the 12. Grade of Alice-Eleonoren-Schule. We than moved on to the classroom for an icebreaking session. The session included fun filled games which saw great enthusiasm, laughter, enjoyment and finally we all got to know each other a lot better. We stranded the session by playing the “Step-game” in which we stepped on the toes of our partner until they screamed and we won and then changed partner. For the next game we blew up some balloons, wrote our names on it and threw them in the air, picked up the balloon that we could find and searched the person whose name was on the balloon and asked them a question. Then came to the “Hobby-game” in which one partner had to guess the hobby of the partner and after guessing moved on the next partner. For the next game we were divided in two teams and the partition was cleared between us. One person from each team had to come forward and as the partition was dropped the person who guessed the name of the other person first got the points.In our breaks most/some of us stayed in the classroom and listened to music. We played English, Hindi and Punjabi songs danced to it and taught each other some dance moves. The room was filled with bangra tunes, Macarena moves and Gangnam style accompanied by smiles and laughter all around. After that we had to tell what we have learned from this exchange until now. Somebody said he learned that we aren’t that different from each other which is really inspiring for all of us. This amazing day ended by an introduced to the program for the following weeks and by starting little work on our portfolios. It’s just been two days and we are already having the time of our lives!  -Anahita Handa & Julia Gramzow