vivek high school

CBSE Affiliation No. 2630029


September 27, 2014

The first day in Germany after a long 12 hour journey, no one expected such an extravagant day! Starting with a banging welcome and introductions we were bursting with energy and POOF! Went the tiredness.

Followed by some ice breakers was the most unexpected thing we could expect. AN OVER THE CITY RALLY!. And so in small groups of 4 we raced against the other 7 teams to complete tasks like creating poems, finding statues, counting columns and even doing a handstand in the elevator! We cruised through the city going to places like Louisen Centre (the mall) or universities and even a castle!

After an eternity of running around we went to Biergarten to be rewarded with food for our work. The most authentic of German flavours served to us ended the day with delicious food.

-Bhavkaran Singh, Grade XI