vivek high school

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Parent’s Feedback


Thank you Pallavi ma’am and Megha ma’am for your extraordinary efforts with all the kids. It was a heart warming experience watching the kids perform today. Also, it was brilliant, watching all the educators under the leadership of Meenu ma’am, identify talent in each child and givean opportunity to every child at the UKG level to speak on stage. I am certain it would go a long way in their development. It’s a privilege to be associated to such an institution.

Monica Agarwal – Mother of Aahir Agarwal , Toddlers- Goldfish

We are truly INSPIRED to see what a phenomenal show a bunch of kindergarteners can pull off!

Their zeal, synergy, oration, comic timing really left us spellbound and mesmerised at the same time.

Kudos to Meenu ma’am, Pallavi ma’am, Megha ma’am and the entire VHS family for their relentless efforts to drive these young ones to unlock their potential to the fullest!

Extremely grateful and indebted to you teachers for giving us this memory for a lifetime!

Kanika Tayal – Mother of Aarya Tayal , Toddlers – Goldfish

The first steps onwards in schooling are special because they wean the children from parents and comforts of home. Specifically for these pandemic-ridden toddlers who had not seen the normalcy of relationships and activities of the world. Yesterday was indeed the momentous day as we saw our children being owned by Savi mam and Surbhi maa’m who were completely strangers to them some six months back. Thank you, so much dearest teachers, for tending our children with so much love and affection. Warm regards.

Chanchal Nayyar- P/O Lakshya Veer Nayyar, Toddlers- Jellyfish

Yesterday was a momentous day in everybody’s life. I could barely hold back my tears after seeing the little ones  perform so happily and confidently. The whole show made our family so emotional and proud. I couldn’t have asked for better teachers for Myra. Thank you for making her fall in love with school and the education system so magically.

 Ishani Jaiswal – Mother of Myra, Toddlers – Jellyfish

It was such a wonderful show, all the meticulous planning, the hard work, the multiple practices – it was all reflecting through. You have shaped these children into amazingly confident performers. Thank you so much Chanchal Ma’am and Niharika Ma’am.

Deepti – Mother of Zyana Kapoor, Toddlers–Angelfish


Dear Pratibha ma’am it was an honour and delight to see all the hard work and the process through which such a well organised performance was accomplished both by the teachers and the little artists. We’re so proud of all the little wonders. It reminds us that so much they’re capable of doing 😊

P/O Samar Sethi – Lkg Barbet

We thoroughly enjoyed all the performances done by each group.

The kids have practiced really well and were super excited. More importantly your efforts on them were clearly visible. The show was “spectacular.The school has once again raised the bar of excellence. The most amazing part is that the teachers have accepted all challenges and delivered beyond imagination.And kids were looking so cute.Thank you so much Meenu maa’m, Ruby mam, Navdeep mam…🥰👍🏻🎉🥳

Saesha Bansal – Nursery Oriole

Thank you so much Meenu ma’am, Ruby ma’am and Navdeep ma’am… It was a really wonderful experience seeing our kids perform so well on stage at such a small age.. All of them were super confident in playing their roles… In fact thanks is a very small word in comparison to the efforts you have put in to bring out the best in our kids🥳🥳🥳

Jasraj Singh Flora – Lkg Oriole

Hats off to all the team🎉 it was a great show indeed.. a show we all will remember for lifetime.. Thanks to Meenu maa’m, Minna mam, Jyoti maa’m, Yashwinder mam, Ragini mam, Poonam mam, Rajat sir , Sunita didi and all the others for putting in so much efforts. It was so good to see Gurnaaz speaking her dialogues with so much confidence. Credit goes to all the educators. Vivek High rocks 🎉

P/O Gurnaaz Kaur- Ukg Nightingale

Heartiest Thanks and Congratulations to The Teachers, Meenu Ma’am and All the little Wonders of Vivek High. It was amazing to see all the children just enjoying themselves, doing what they love to do, put together in a wonderful way that had us laughing and smiling throughout. All of the effort and care put in by the teachers shone through the faces of each and every child today. We had a brilliant 80 Minute Adventure around the Oceans Thanks to All your Efforts.

P/O Aradhay Verma- Nursery Nightingale

The children were so spontaneous and confident on the stage. Thank you so much bringing out their talent that they were able to take to the stage with such ease. It was a truly remarkable show. Kudos to the teachers and everyone involved. 😇

P/O Nimrat Kaur Sandhu- Lkg Hornbill

Thank you Meenu Ma’am,Gagan ma’am and Surbhi ma’am for such a spectacular show.You all have put lots of hardwork and great effort in creating this mesmerising show. Music,dance , dialogues  , background & stage everything was so beautifully , artistically organised that we enjoyed every moment of it.😊🙏

P/O Shreyan Thakur- Ukg Hornbill

Much gratitude & fondest regards to Meenu Ma’am, Gagan Maam & Surbhi Maam for getting the children to put on such a stellar show. Truly awe-inspiring performances by the entire confident kindergarten student fraternity🤍

P/O Dharit Dua- Nursery Hornbill

Splendid performance and kudos to the team of teachers for bringing out the talent in all the children 😊 the theme, direction and script were very nice 👏👍 and so much learning happened for the kids through all the fun! Also lovely to see how Meenu ma’am was so involved and passionate through the whole show 😊 thank you teachers for all that you do!

P/O Aania Singh – Goldfinch

Absolutely amazing performance by our little stars ⭐

Loved the way they performed all by themselves, helped each other and stood by each other!

Thank you Bhakti ma’am and Sheenam ma’am for everything you do for the little ones💖 congratulations to Meenu ma’am and the whole team✨🌸

P/O Sabahat Sivia- Lkg Goldfinch

Dearest Anjali Ma’am and Gauri Ma’am! Thank you for an extremely informative visual and musical extravaganza. The mind boggles at the thought of how such small kids emoted, danced and sang with such perfection!! Kudos to the whole team.

With love and warm regards

Grandparents of Avnoor Singh- Ukg Canary

So very proud of our children and the hardwork and dedication of every one’s contribution was evident and shining bright in our children. A beautiful child led presentation warmed the heart beyond measure!

Thank you, dearest educators and all the support staff, for bringing out their best with your kind and assured guidance.  Especially emotional for the ukg parents as we bid adieu to kindergarten soon

P/O Rehmat Kaur Dhaliwal Ukg Pelican

Good Morning,

The morning yesterday was extremely magical,

Credit to all the teachers,

loved the dance performances well-coordinated and the kids enjoyed doing it.

The art work was beautiful, the big art works on the auditorium walls was a lovely surprise. Music was bang on in sync with the theme, and well composed songs.

Overall, I appreciate all teachers for their efforts in various forms in giving confidence to the children. Thank you 👏👏👏👏👏

P/O Dhavi Tandon – Nursery Skylark

Such a beautiful show!

It’s been so heartwarming to witness the tremendous growth all the kids have made over the course of time- be it in their knowledge, their personalities or their confidence. And the teachers truly deserve every bit of our gratitude for that.

P/O Azeen Lkg- Sparrow

Gratitude to Vivek High family for such a colourful and spectacular show which was truly a visual treat. Meenu mam and educators special mention to you all for giving children a platform to showcase their hidden talent in such a colourful way that left us all in awe. Thank you once again Jyotsna mam and Yashwinder mam for all the coordination, hard work and love🥰

P/O Sabahat Sivia- Lkg Goldfinch

I totally second that… N I see the confidence building at school spill over in other aspects of life for kids too… Surely a big thank you to Meenu ma’am for ensuring that each kid gets to play a pivotal part, n making them a part of decision making in the play.. Thank you Jyoti ma’am and Yashwinder ma’am for having patience with n faith in Nihaal to be part of the annual function even though he was away for the tournaments..🥰

P/O Nihaal S. Cheema Ukg Nightingale

Heartiest congratulations to Meenu Ma’am, Ina Ma’am, Gunpreet Ma’am, Ragini Maam, Rajat Sir and entire team for organising such a splendid and outstanding show…It was very beautifully conceptualized… Your efforts were reflected in the acts performed so confidently by the little ones.. We thoroughly enjoyed the function☺️☺️Thanks a lot to the entire Vivek Family 😊😊

P/O Saanvi Gupta – Lkg Kingfisher