vivek high school

CBSE Affiliation No. 2630029

Kindergarten Workshop

The Kindergarten educators conducted a workshop for the parents which aimed at building awareness and hands-on experience of the Montessori activities that are carried out in the classroom. Nursery parents were oriented about the phonics methodology adopted by the school. The educators gave live presentations and parents got time to work with the material. 

For parents, it was an opportunity to seek clarifications from the educators about how learning unfolds in a Montessori Environment. For the educators, it was a wonderful opportunity to further strengthen their bond with each parent. When both parents and educators have a strong positive connection, children do better in school and at home. Children not only grow academically but their emotional well-being is also taken care of. The workshop was followed by tea in an informal setting, with both the class educators and the Head of the Junior Wing, Ms. MeenuSahi.