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CBSE Affiliation No. 2630029

A Postcard from Woodridge College and Preparatory School, South Africa

 THEME – “Outdoor Pursuits, Adventure, Challenge and Me” – 10 May 2023

Woodridge College and Preparatory School hosted a Zoom postcard meeting on Wednesday 10th May with the theme “Outdoor Pursuits, Adventure, Challenge and Me”. This postcard was open to 11-13 years old students.

The VHS delegates were:

1.   Shivank Kakkar- 8

2.   Sanaya Jain – 8

3.  Rashi Walia – 8

4.  Insiya Garg- 8

5.  Renaz Gulati – 8

6.  Kashvi Parmar- 8

Adult delegate- Ms Jaspal Mann                                       

  The students were asked to create a collage of all the outdoor adventure pursuit activities their school does and submit it prior to the meeting. Over 128 participants from 18 different schools and 7 different countries participated in this conference. During the zoom postcard, all the delegates were warmly welcomed and introduced to the Woodridge campus, their outdoor adventure programs, and the adjacent surroundings of the school through a presentation. The keynote speaker, Mr. Billy Teeton inspired the delegates on how adventure can transform all into better human beings. He also shared motivational stories of Max Woosely, the boy in the tent, who raised funds for a CARE organization and propagated his ideas of adventure. In the break-out rooms, during baraza sessions, they had discussions on how Round Square Discoveries like courage, problem-solving and tenacity help to accomplish adventurous tasks. Through this conference, the students were enlightened on different, unique versions of adventure.

  It was indeed a golden opportunity and a worthwhile learning experience for the ‘VHS Team’.