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CBSE Affiliation No. 2630029

30th National Children Science Congress

Uday Singh and Kushal Bajaj from 9 C were selected to participate in 30th National Children Science Congress from 27th to 31st January 2023 hosted by SAL University and Science City, Ahmedabad after successfully qualifying in two rounds at the State-level Science Congress. National Children Science Congress is a forum for the children to exhibit their creativity and innovation and more particularly, their ability to solve a societal problem experienced locally using scientific methodology.

Our student team prepared their project on ‘Azolla: A green manure to restore soil quality for sustainable agriculture’ based on the focal theme of NCSC ‘Understanding Ecosystem for Health and Well-being’ under the guidance of Ms Bindiya Khanna. The objective of the project was to enhance the soil quality and increase the crop production by introducing Azolla Cultivation with additional benefits.

A total of 658 students across India and 18 students from Gulf countries participated in the event. All the child scientists participated with great enthusiasm in the magnificent inauguration Ceremony held at the Science City on 27th January.

The students explored Marine Aquatics Gallery, Robotics Gallery, Planet Earth, Nature Park and much more at Science City. The children were amazed to see wonders of the underwater world and various unseen species. The Robotics Gallery was real fun as child scientists explored Robosoccer, Robo Natyamandap and various real-life applications. The thrill ride, earthquake and cyclone simulations were unique experiences to cherish for a lifetime.

The students from different parts of India showcased their regional folk dances during the vibrant cultural programme. The child scientists also had a great exposure while visiting Gandhi Ashram and the Statue of Unity to get the experience of Gujrati culture and Ecosystem.

The technical session conducted at 30th NCSC showcased many interesting projects related to the focal theme for three consecutive days. On the concluding day, Vivek High School team was awarded Grade A in the citation presented on stage during Valedictory ceremony at Vigyan Bhawan, Science City.

The experience of NCSC invoked creativity in young minds that cultivates a scientific temperament and creative thinking. It helped to stimulate a curious, inquisitive and problem-solving view in young scientists.