vivek high school

CBSE Affiliation No. 2630029

27th FOUNDER’S WEEK CELEBRATION 2022-Noor-e-Babur (A Musical Play)

On 3rd November 2022, everyone enjoyed the musical play, Noor-e-Babur superbly written and directed by Ms. Nisha Luthra along with co-directors, Jasvir Kumar, Ranjan Batheja, Lakhwinder Singh. The credit also goes to her team of creative experts- dance teacher, Varun Khanna, costumes by Divjot Gulati, the team of musicians, Sonika Ghalawat, Rahul Sharma, Hakam Singh, Harpreet Singh, and Akash Bhatt.  It was such a mesmerizing performance depicting the recreation of the magic of the 16th-century Mughal era. It was a portrayal of Babur’s relationship and bond with his son, Prince Hamayun. The internal struggles, the impact of war, and the fears of a king who was also a father for his son’s well-being and his ability to take his empire ahead. The performance recreated the guidance in life skills that Sultan Babur gave to his son, Humayun. 81 students from class 4th to class 10th were chosen to be breathing, thinking and performing the Mughal Era saga. Hard work and finesse had brought to life this masterpiece production. In conclusion, the production of Noor-e-Babur was performed greatly through its acting, directing, lighting, costumes, makeup/hair, props, and through each of the actor’s ability to enact an incredibly touching story.