vivek high school

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27TH FOUNDER’S WEEK CELEBRATION 2022-Exhibition and Field Display



 The 27th Founder’s week celebration was themed Navrasa- the multi-sensory expression of the nine fundamental emotions that touch every human being, at some point in their lives.

On 2nd November 2022: The Annual SUPW exhibition meticulously showcased students’ freedom of expression and dynamic cognitive engagement from grades IV to X. The exhibition was inaugurated with the lighting of the lamp by the honorable guests Ms. Cherry Kaur and Dr. Mala Bhalla, the Principal Ms. Renu Puri, and Vice Principal, Ms. Kimmy Dhanoa. The parents witnessed the glorious exhibition and were glad to see their wards’ performance and confidence under the able guidance of their teachers and staff.  Following the theme ‘Navrasa’, the students creatively exhibited their talent in various forms. Students between the age group of 8 to 16 years displayed many creative things like flower making, mask making, salt art, blow art, and 3D model, to name a few. Through their power of patience, practice, imagination, and creative hands, they successfully transformed willow wands into baskets and clay into sculpture. In the New Dimension Graphic Design, each student designed his/her own Zine effectively, based on their original storyline. Our budding scientists prepared DIY(Do it yourself) hands-on activities based on scientific phenomena observed in daily life. Some students in the Food and Nutrition, Vitafit, activity showcased their talent by preparing various sumptuous dishes and exhibiting their knowledge about various nutrients present in the food, its sources and possible deficiencies caused by an imbalanced diet. The creative art of needlework was presented in form of table coverings, bedding, napkins, bags, and more with a number of novel stitches like satin stitch, cross stitch, etc. The Eco club showcased the initiatives undertaken by the students like upcycling single-use plastic and e-waste, making bags from old clothes, waste segregation, and composting wet waste. Some students in the Green Ninjas Recycling activity made efforts to create new articles from recycled paper which instilled an insight into how waste can be repurposed, and a multitude of new items can be born of this creativity. Students also developed their creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving skills through the Third Dimension 3D Printing exhibition where they were exposed to leaps in technology and innovation sciences. We also witnessed some astonishing work of the Weaving club wherein students produced extraordinary works of art like blinds, mats, wall hanging and coasters which are functional and useful. In the Painting and Sketching exhibition, some budding artists tried their hands at paints and palettes, experimented and created an amalgamation of artwork by unleashing their talent and generating inspiration from their hearts and mind.

In the evening, the opening ceremony was marked by the Annual March Past event, where the four houses, Nalanda, Taxila, Gandhara and Vikramshila were engaged in friendly competition in a bid to win the prestigious title of ‘The Best Marching House’ through their refined pace and perfect files. Their discipline and efforts under the blazing sun were truly an inspirational sight. The rhythmic beating of the drum seemed to punctuate and exemplify “Together unafraid, together hand in hand”. The March Past was judged by Capt. Ishdeep Kaur Ghuman, Wing Commander Pranav Sharma, Wing Commander Neeta Thakur and an IPS officer, Ms.Vibhu Raj. The Best Marching House trophy 2022 was bagged by Nalanda House led by Captains Viraj Thakur and and Ravleen Kaur, Vice Captains Aaditya Vashisht and Sanchi Aggarwal with Prefect Navika Singh and the second-best marching contingent position was taken by Gandhara House led Captains Aryaan Bhardwaj and Saanvi Singla , Vice Captains  Eklavya Mogla and  Sanjana Sahiba with Prefect  Tavleen Kaur. The trophy for the best Marching Contingent was given by the honourable Chairman, Mr. H S Mamik.

 This was followed by the NCC- 1 Chd Girl’s Battalion, marching with pride, coordination, and zeal in khaki dresses and beret caps showcasing their goals to develop qualities of character, courage, comradeship, a secular outlook, a spirit of adventure and the ideals of selfless service towards the nation. The contingent was led by Commander Sehejreet Gothra and the flagbearer, Saira Sharma.

 The next event in the Field Display was Flexible Fitness which aimed to promote and develop health and wellness through calisthenic body movements. Around 110 young students, under the mentorship of Mr. Munjay and Mrs. Arti Sharma, gracefully showcased their agility, balance and posture cultivating their cardiovascular endurance and flexible movement.

 This was followed by a well-choreographed Junior Wing Dance ‘Circus’ by Ms.Ragini D. Kulkarni in which 2 students from Jagriti and around 150 students from Grades 1 and 2 took the audience on a trip down memory lane and be part of the fun, frolic and festivity. The nimble-footed ballet dancers glided on the field with their graceful and energetic moves. The adorable jokers generated ripples of laughter thus creating a nostalgic moment for all adults.

‘Navrasa Dance’ performed by 470 students, displayed the nine emotions evoked by the viewers during the Rasa performance. The various spheres of art, bhavas which are considered the root of Rasa enraptured the audience, with miraculous joy and the radiance of art. Stories were created when the nine fundamental emotions flowed explaining the nine rasas such as Shringara rasa, Hasya rasa, Karuna rasa, Raudra rasa, Veera rasa, Bhayanka rasa, Beebhatsa rasa, Adbhuta rasa and Shanti rasa. This complete concept was beautifully choreographed and executed by Ms. Poonam Kharb. She was supported by the team from Harsh Warriors, consisting of Harsh Sengar, Vishal Kolhi and Sachin.

Lastly, the founder’s field display celebration would have been incomplete without Bhangra which was performed by 33 students of the Bhangra club ranging from classes IV to VII with great fervour, exuberance, and passion. The students danced to beats of popular Punjabi songs like heavyweight bhangra, ‘tera yaar bolda’, ‘old school’, and ‘vang da naap’. Students performed exceptionally well under the superb guidance of Mr. Nikhil and Mr. Harkirat Singh.

The function concluded with a vote of thanks by the Principal, Mrs. Renu Puri followed by the school song.